360 Antivirus Security 2018 For PC – Free Download

Lopez ops Dev Ap Hirox released a new security tool 360 Antivirus Security 2018 on Google Play Store. Security is one of the rising factors in the current era and many people out there have huge concerns regarding it. Moreover, with the development in the technology world, those trying to breach and get private information are also improving. so, they are learning new techniques to get your information by penetrating in your system. In addition to that, a lot of new viruses and malware that are harming our computers by penetrating through the security. So, 360 Antivirus Security 2018 is an amazing tool that is going to defend your devices from all these viruses and malware. Moreover, it is going to stop the unwanted windows and ads by blocking them forever.  It is a free tool for now and is a must try if your device is getting slower.

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360 Antivirus Security 2018 For PC

There are a lot of different kinds of viruses out there and all of them have different impacts on your devices. Moreover, it is going to detect even the most minor one including the Trojans and will eliminate all of them instantly. Keep your device and the data in it safe and away from the people trying to penetrate and get there hands on it. Furthermore, it is also going to optimize it and make it faster and reliable. With the advanced threat detection technology, it is going to detect even the tiniest threat and remove it. In addition to that, you can also use this to reject all the unwanted incoming calls and messages. Si, it is not just an antivirus but an all in one amazing tool assisting you in many things.

Some of the basic features of 360 Antivirus Security 2018 includes:

  • Detects all the Trojans, Malware, Viruses and other infections affecting your device and remove them instantly.
  • Keeps all your private data secure and safe from the hands of hackers.
  • Scans your applications and documents quickly and see if there’s any Trojan or Virus hidden in it.
  • Detects the malicious files in your system and remove them for a better experience.
  • Clean your system by removing all the unnecessary apps and files and enhances the speed f your device.
  • Frees up more RAm for your device and make it faster and efficient.
  • Detects phishing and other harmful activities instantly and take immediate action for there removal.

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360 Antivirus Security 2018 For PC

How To Download And Install 360 Antivirus Security 2018 For PC

360 Antivirus Security 2018 is available for iOS and Android on App Store and Google Play Store but now you can also use it on your PC. Follow the Below simple and detailed steps on how to download and install 360 Antivirus Security 2018 for PC

The following guide will guide you through the steps of installing 360 Antivirus Security 2018 for PC so install it on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and the latest versions of Mac OS X. Before we begin downloading 360 Antivirus Security 2018 for PC you need to have one of the Android Emulators installed on your computer. But if you don’t have an Android Emulator installed, then you don’t have to worry as you can download and install it by following any one of the four guides below.

Download BlueStacks               

Download BlueStacks 2

Download Andy OS

Download Remix OS Player

Once you have Installed Android emulator, Please follow below steps to download 360 Antivirus Security 2018 for PC.

  1. Open the Installed Android Emulator in your PC.
  2. Go to the search bar of Android Emulator OR go to the Google Play Store.
  3. Type “360 Antivirus Security 2018 ” in the search bar to start finding the application and press enter.
  4. Once you have found the 360 Antivirus Security 2018 application click on it and start downloading it.
  5. Once the 360 Antivirus Security 2018 finishes downloading Open Application from the Menu.
  6. Finally, Follow the on-screen instructions to start using 360 Antivirus Security 2018 on PC.

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