How to Download BlueStacks 2 PC-Windows only

BlueStacks 2 on PC has been released a few months ago. As the time passed BlueStacks was made more user-friendly by developing many new features and mods that were not available in the first version. The BlueStack’s team noted all the requirements needed to make it more stable and user-friendly made a better version out of them and released it as BlueStacks 2. Now, BlueStacks 2 on PC is the complete package to run all Android application on any Personal Computer with windows OS for now. To be more specific, it can be installed only on Windows 10, 8, Vista, 7 and XP. Let’s go through what’s new in BlueStacks 2 on PC, before downloading it.

blueStacks 2 -appspcwin

The most important upgrade of BlueStacks 2 is that it lets you multitask up to certain extent. You can Chat in one tab, Play in the second tab and Stream your favorite videos in the third tab. You can also play Play Multiple Games at once in different tabs, Since the possibilities are endless! In addition to that there are certain added features that makes it more convenient for the user. Each app / game launches in a new tab, So switching between apps are really easy, Streaming and watching videos while you are chatting and game sessions are in progress is also possible. There is also a side Toolbar added on the app player that will now allow access to many features without even going to the settings. You can resize the screen by dragging window corners just like you do on your Computer. Most importantly the storage capacity with BlueStacks 2 has been increased from 16 GB to 32 GB (16 GB SD Card storage and 16 GB internal storage). Increased storage means increased number of apps that can be installed. But this is only applicable on BlueStacks 2 fresh installations. However, if you have upgraded from earlier BlueStacks versions to BlueStacks 2, you won’t be able to get increased storage space. Now lets begin with the step by step instructions for installation of BlueStacks 2 on your PC.

Download and install BlueStacks 2 for PC (Windows only).

  1. To start Downloading BlueStacks 2 CLICK HERE. After clicking a new tab will be opened and the download will start automatically.
  2. Once the file has been finished downloading, execute the file from downloads folder.
  3. If a message box appears like below, Click on Run button.
  4. Click on Next to Start installation
  5. Select where you want to install BlueStacks 2 on PC and Click on Next button.
  6. Enable both for best performance and click on Install button to start installing BlueStacks 2 on PC.
  7. The installation procedure is now started and it will show a window as below. Wait for it to complete and then move to the next step.
  8. A new window will appear as shown below. Click on Finish button to finish installation of BlueStacks 2 on PC.
  9. The installation of BlueStacks 2 on PC is successfully done, Now you have to Sign in to start using BlueStacks 2. “Click on Sign in with Google” button.
  10. Enter your mail & password of Google Account to sign in to BlueStacks 2 if you already have Google Account. Otherwise, Click on “Create Account” button on bottom of the page to create a new account.
  11. Now a new screen will appear asking for permissions that are required. Simply Click on Allow button and continue.
  12. Now you can choose a Nickname for yourself. And you are done with setting up your BlueStacks 2.

Until now, you have downloaded Blue Stacks 2 on PC, installed it using the instructions provided.

Furthermore for setting up your account follow the following instructions and we will be done for now:

1.  As you complete setting up the following Welcome screen appears. Click on OK button to continue.

2. Now, a screen appears where it asks for the Name of user the tablet belongs to. As the emulator has already started working as a new Android device / tablet.

3. Now you need to Sign in to your existing Play Store account to start using it for downloading applications and games.

4. Now it asks for setting up the language and Now you’re ready to Go.

That’s all for now, Please stay tuned for latest news on Android applications. Your feedback is always welcomed.



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